Al trabucco

A driftwood paradise on the rugged coastline of San Nicola bay


Five generations : a historical trabucco

Restaurant Al Trabucco di Mimi is situated on the rocky coastline of Punta San Nicola, one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the Gargano National Park, near the town of Peschici.

A land rich in splendor, where people have fortified themselves with Mediterranean determination, creating trabucchi, ingenous pieces of wooden architecture which are suspended over the sea and used for fishing.

For five generations this historical fishing rig has been owned by the Ottaviano family , who , since 1975 , have turned it into a renowned restaurant , rustic and welcoming, where people can enjoy the daily harvest from the sea, brought forth by the traditional fishing platform , together.


An experience for the senses

Over the years, the original structure has been expanded, allowing people to experience traditional cuisine and enjoy the fresh daily catch directly from the sea.

The restaurant is well renowned for its uniqueness , the harmony it has with its surroundings, and its excellent hospitality.

Not only lunches, dinners and aperitifs , but also cultural events and live music. Il Trabucco also has comfortable accomodation solutions, for those who wish to fully experience the charm of the eastern coastline of Puglia. In the summer, you can see the sun both rise and set on the sea.


We create great food with what the sea and land provide.

Sunset Aperitif

When the sun sets into the sea, time stands still. Aperitivo hour is a Gargano summer ritual and no one does it better than Trabucco. Come and experience it with us.


A precious hideaway few steps from the sea and the best restaurant you have ever dreamed of. Do you need to know more?


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Al Trabucco da Mimi
Localitá Punta San Nicola
71010 Peschici (FG)
Tel. +39 0884 962556
Email. info@altrabucco.it
P.iva 03518570712