Al trabucco

Four generations honouring family traditions. Fishing as in times gone by , with physical strength and ingenuity. ​

For one hundred years this wooden giant, amongst some of the best preserved trabucchi on the entire Gargano coastline, has been used to fish mullet and blue fish , with the traditional of line-of- sight method .

Still today you can enjoy the spectacle of the frantic moments following the sighting by the lookout balancing on the main antenna. To the shout of “Vijr “ (turn !)the crew hurriedly raises the great net from waters, assisted by two mighty winches.

 The fish are then recovered with a long net on a pole and immediately brought into the kitchen to be prepared using traditional recipes. An extraordinary experience , eating the freshly caught fish moments after they have been caught by our “ ancient machine”, whilst the fresh see breeze envelops you.

The restaurant has been built with materials recovered after the storms and is in perfect harmony with the environment and the landscape.


Mimì e Lucia

They are the founders and architects of the success of the Trabucco, which was established in 1965. After emigrating by necessity to Canada, they returned to Peschici with the idea of getting the old family trabucco back on its feet.When the first tourists arrived, approaching curiously from the beach, they asked to sample what Mimi had fished. Lucia- starting from a simple small domestic hearth- began in 1975 to produce simple dishes based on the catch of the day for the guests.

A tradition carried forward by their grandchildren Vincenzo and Domenico, and their parents, Carlo and Rossella,who continue to enrich the family business with new ideas and projects. The trabucco is not just a restaurant:it is a landing place for travelers, nature lovers, artists and explorers, eager to gaze upon the horizon above the Adriatic sea.